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July 18, 2008

Summer 2008

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It’s finally the weekend. Thank goodness there’s only 3 days of summer school left until my exam. Technically, it’s only one full day, as Monday is presentations for our ISU and we’re going to the Science Center on Tuesday to watch a film.

In other news, happy belated birthdays to everyone born in July, and happy early birthday to those coming up. My sister finally got her G1 after much hassle and haggle on the parental parts. She also got a full-time job, so now it’s her turn to buy me stuff. :D

After next week, summer is officially here for me.



June 1, 2008

I never thought I’d find someone greater than Tony Jaa…

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Yep. The title says it all. I found someone greater than 32-year old Tony Jaa, brought famous for his Muay Thai films Ong-Bak and Tong-Yum-Goong. I don’t care if you don’t know Thai or you can’t read Chinese subtitles, but most people who watched Ong-Bak in the first place only watched it for the fighting and the action. I’m sure this will come out in English eventually. And let me tell you that it doesn’t disappoint. The fighting is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and Muay Thai is just SO cool. If I could start all over, I would’ve probably taken up Muay Thai. Haha.


April 16, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

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…was such a great movie.
The kungfu was sick (even tho a lot was special effects), there’s still some authentic fights going on in there.
I think Yifei gained a few pounds to play the role of Golden Sparrow…but she looked hot nonetheless at the end as the Chinatown Girl.

The old legends Jet Li and Jackie Chan finally, after 10 years, put together a scene for their audience. I’m surprised everyone’s English was decently understandable. Yifei is so adorable.

Hey look, a non-anime/seiyuu related entry!

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