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September 21, 2008

Seiyuu FanFic? – Yes or No

If anyone was wondering (which is close to one or none at all), school’s burning me out, so I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve only started to catch up on anime (bad idea, as I have a test every day this week). (*´Д`*)=3 Anywho, I’ve debated for a while now on whether I should make a seiyuu fanfic post or not. Honestly, I really do want to share the creative works of OtaAgg, but she never finishes any stories that she starts! So hopefully, this entry will encourage her to write more and finish one of her many fanfics that have left me hanging. (*´□`*)!

The following story is still being developed, so there is no end to it yet. It started off as an impromptu by stringing phrases together, then it ballooned out to satisfy our egotistical minds. There is no specific start point to the story. These stories are random scenes that are not told chronologically, but are somehow integrated into our fictional lives.

A little background before I begin with the story. Last week, j1mone recently posted a miscellaneous diary entry, and there was a little tibid about Marimite. On MSN, OtaAgg proceeds to talk about her dearest Mamiko, and finally decides to “set up” her harem. Now, she is no longer the  triad boss, A-姐 – my Goshujin-sama has become an oyabun, and I, her underLing, a honbucho.

All seiyuu fanfics are done in collab with OtaAgg, and are in no means a way of bashing other fans and their beloved seiyuu. Read: This is fiction based solely on pure entertainment and letting the mind flow of creative writing. It’s a technique you learn in the class called Creative Writing. You just write whatever comes to mind. If you like where this is headed – give us the go, and hopefully OtaAgg can continue the write-up on our story. I even have a storyline all planned out. (*´ω`*)♪

Please cease reading if you find any of the following material offensive in any way. In light of that, don’t send flaming comments to the writers (us), please. I’m planning on giving this fanfic (as a whole) a rating of M. Who knows what OtaAgg is going to throw in tho. (ノ_・、)

Tentative title: Chapter 2.1

As the head maid slowly undresses, the boss’s lecherous eyes light up, hungrily tracing the maid’s figure in the pale moonlight.

“Iyaa~ hazukashiiii, Goshujin-sama,” she protests.

Disappointed, the Boss turns away, only to be stopped by the feeling of soft breasts pressing against her back. Smiling, she turns to face the half-undressed megane-donning maid. Just as the Boss reaches for her, a loud, female tremolo voice sounds, amplified by the security alarm’s speakers. The heavy bedroom door slams open, and Yuko-keibi, head of security, rushes in, sword at the ready.

“Goshujin-sama, the intruder has gotten past Mai-chan with her uber off-key vibrato. What should we do?”

The Boss stops, irritated at the interruption, with brows furrowed.


As an icy gust of wind blows through the room, the Boss’s most trusted friend and guard appears instantly, her body responding to the command in her half-awaken state.

“There has been a trespasser. Please deal with it accordingly.”

Stappy groggily opens one eye and takes a long bow, “Hai, Kumichou.”

With that, the bodyguard disappears to obey the command, leaving Yuko-keibi to trail in her wake. OtaAgg shudders, secretly grateful that such a powerful individual remained faithful to the organization and herself.

“Ne… Goshujin-sama…” RieRie whimpers, as she tugs at the Boss’s sleeve, shivering uncontrollably from the cold front Stappy brought in. Smiling despite the situation, the Boss allows herself to fall victim to RieRie’s advances.
Stappy… I leave everything to you.

The honbucho, now fully awake, scans the premises. Room after room, she checks for any trace of the invader’s presence. Suddenly, a familiar scream sounds from the office. A drop of cold sweat forms on the guard’s forehead as she rushes to investigate the scream. There, in the room, was her nightmare come true.

Minorin, Stappy’s secret lover, was lying on the floor, her signature China dress ripped to shreds. Rushing to her side, Stappy gingerly lifts Minorin’s head onto her lap, eyes filled with concern.

“Who… who did this to you?”

Minorin coughs, struggling to speak, “It’s… it’s her…”

Before she could continue, Stappy places a finger on her lips.

“Shh… Don’t speak anymore.”

Minorin nods, and gives a weak, reassuring smile to her lover before losing consciousness.

“YURUSANAI!” Stappy roars. She rushes out of the room, frantically searching for the villain who dared to hurt her precious Minorin.

“Honbuchou…sama.” The bodyguard turns to the sound of the voice. Ayako stumbles out of a room, hands holding the sides of her head. Blood was seeping out of her ears and through her fingers, pain etched into her already-wrinkled face.

“It’s… Hirano… She… wants revenge… because of the Boss’s refusal…” With these words, Ayako stumbles over, falling unconscious from the pain. Without any attempt to help the fallen secretary, Stappy steps over Ayako’s body and dashes into the room. There, standing in a pool of Sayaka and Haruna’s blood, was Hirano Aya. Stappy, shocked by the degree of damage caused by a single individual, assumes a fighting stance, I cannot underestimate her… she already got through security and defeated Mai.

Silently, the two opponents circle each other, completely disregarding the two bodies in the middle of the room. With a look of serenity and eyes shrouded with glee, Aya’s lips parted and a tear-jerking vibrato fills the room. Stappy instinctively covers her ears, but even her well-trained mind and body did not emerge from the attack unharmed. Knowing that she could not get close enough to apprehend the villain, Stappy utilizes her superhuman speed and escapes from the room. Slamming the door shut and locking it, Stappy collapses. Panting, both from pain and fatigue, she closes her eyes to think.
It is time… to take out the organization’s ultimate weapon.




  1. LOL I CAN’T BELIEVE U ACTUALLY UPDATED IT W/ OUR CRAZY FANTASIES!!! I think we needa arm ourselves with brooms and prepare for the waves of seiyuu-fans who will want our heads =_=

    Comment by soulsrhapsody — September 21, 2008 @ 7:36 pm

  2. You guys are insane XD LOL @ Hirano’s vibrato. Er, I’d like to know what the organization’s ultimate weapon is…

    Comment by j1m0ne — September 21, 2008 @ 10:19 pm

  3. …..
    you poor obsessed child xD
    this is soo jokes xD
    minorin=secret lover
    you are such a yuri addict =P
    cool fic, as long as the yuri doesn’t get to rated M i think i might keep reading (if you choose to update =P)

    Comment by ユーラ ちゃん — September 23, 2008 @ 6:05 am

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