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August 9, 2008

underLing vs A-姐

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…for my dearest Noto Mamiko.

I don’t care what you say, I’m not giving her to you, A-姐. As much as I am underLing, I can easily overpower you. (´з`)

My face still hurts from the smile that permanently stuck to my face since 10 this morning. And it only got wider after today’s reunion with my wushu family. I think I’m gunna get a permanent scar after today…

Anyway, allow me to explain why my heart beats and skips for Mami-chan. Last night, I saw a torrent up that contained an incomplete collection of Mami’s voice work. Just for the sake of Mami, I downloaded it, without knowing what it contained. After a few hours of Warcraft, I booted up my uTorrent to see what the torrent actually contained, and I jumped at the names I recognized (meaning, the ones I’ve watched her role in). A few include Mnemosyne, Witchblade, Jigoku Shoujo, Ichigo Mashimaro, etc etc. Then I saw Marunabi. And I was like, “There’s an anime for that? I know of the radio show, but I’ve never heard of an anime series for it…” Then I saw it was labeled CD, so I was like, oh, it must be Scoop! and 7days after.

So I woke up this morning, and went to go check the goods – opening up the Marunabi folder and squealing with teary eyes over the pictures. So much that I went to go edit the pictures and imagined that I was in it with Mami. (click to enlarge)

Gomen, Ayako. Mami is mine.

I would die to have that cork board now, and add other pictures to it.

Then of course, a whole argument between OtaAgg and I ensued, where she selfishly demanded to be that she is married to Mami, as her MSN name says “Mrs. Mamiko Noto Lee” YEAH, OKAY.

Then we said we’d share her…when OtaAgg is at work, I can have her. It’s horribly wrong to treat Mami as a pet, so instead, she switched off her offer to give me another favourite – gorilla Yu. UHH. I’ll pass on that one. So she picked another one of my favourites, which I vehemently declined, as there is no way in hell I’d get peace living with an over energetic Mizuki Nana. Though, for other reasons, I would like to make her a good acquaintance. \(^^)/

Next down the list was the Hito-nee x Shizuzu combo. Which would, technically, leave me nothing. Unless if you throw Kana in there, but that means that I’d be left with Hito-nee. As much as I love her voice work and characters, I don’t love her that much. (;´∀`)

So who won between the battle over Mami? It’s not over yet, and it probably never will (unless we somehow find a new obsession), but OtaAgg ended it off with, “I’M GOING TO BUY MY LAPPY NOW, BYE.” So that was it. My love for Mami got scammed. (´д`)


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  1. lol @ you seiyuu (sp?) love
    you’re so OBSESSED~!!!
    Good luck on your battle over Mamiko Noto
    (gawd, your such a stalker ^_~)

    Comment by ユーラ ちゃん — August 12, 2008 @ 2:29 am

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