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August 4, 2008

Long Weekend Camping

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I’m back from the long weekend camping. I anticipated rain, and the good thing was that it rained on the first day, so we got nice weather after that. Unfortunately, because of the rain, some most people had muddy sites. Luckily, my area was shaded by trees, so when it rained (or shined) it wasn’t too bad. My dad and I managed to set up the new tent we got in half an hour, while everyone else had to be ferried under an umbrella while they worked to set camp.

I enjoy the outdoors. I look forward to road trips camping every year – it’s nice to get out of the polluted city and breathe in some fresh unpolluted outdoor air. Time flies when you’re having fun. It was a quick 3 day thing, but I enjoyed it to the max. I’ll try to retell as it went, but my inability to retain information will result in me mixing up days and activities. Just go with the flow. I’m sure OtaAgg will point out my mistakes.

Day 0 (Fri Aug 1)
I mad downloaded and burned as much anime as I could for the trip. I actually thought that I wasn’t really going to do anything cos my mom doesn’t like me doing “dangerous” things, such as boating/canoing and such. So I thought that I’d spend the entire time in front of my lappy watching anime or something. Either than that, I thought was packed and ready to go. (Later on, I realized that my mom unpacked the change of clothes that I knew I would need because of the rain.)

Day 1 (Sat Aug 2)
Started off the day by going to yum cha with the campers up somewhere in Markham. I wonder if OtaAgg will blog about it, but if she doesn’t, I’ll just say that it was full of epic fails with dim sum all over the place. (;´∀`) After that, we piled into our vans and cars and set off.

The only thing that sucks about these road trips is traveling with so many vehicles (7 in this case). Thank goodness we know each other(‘s cars) well enough to follow bumper to bumper in foreign territory. The bikes behind the cars indicated travelers, and the boat definitely shouted campers. It took us longer than we anticipated to get there, due to a major road blockage on one of the main streets. (It was funny how my mom kept shouting coffee the whole way, and we actually had to stop at Timmy’s to re-navigate our way via GPS.) I think it was from there that my dad “got lost” (he actually went the right way, whereas everyone else turned left instead), and so we were delayed again. So we had to get the uncle who had the GPS system to help us find our way out, whereas everyone else followed another car to get to camp first.

This is where I slept on the way to and wake up in time to see the park’s sign, “Emily” and arrows directing us inside to the big lot where the office was. While the adults checked-in to get camp lots, the kids were all huddle together talking. I don’t know how it started (I think it was me requesting OtaAgg to sing a song), and so we started singing Yells~ and made fun of ALI PROJECT and the cam whores (kudos to j1m0ne!). (´∀`)

We entered camp soon after that, whereby we struggled to set tent while it rained. I happened to be wearing a white shirt, so thank you trees for sheltering me while I laid tarps and erected tent. After the rain passed, the inside of the tent was nicely set up, ready for my sister to sleep and relax for her effortless day. I had nothing to do afterwards, so I roamed the sites seeing who was where. OtaAgg was next door, and they were still setting up, so I went back to take a nap. An hour passed until the parents were ready to make lunch so all the kids pulled up those foldable camping chairs into a little circle and talked about random stuff. It was actually more like OtaAgg, my sister and I talking and the other people listening (LOL).

Then the fun part came – there’s a family that went who had twin girls, and we (OtaAgg and I) found out that they were into anime. Or more precisely, I found out that they were (possibly) Hirano Aya Haruhi fans, as they constantly listened to the ED song. This is when OtaAgg stopped singing whatever she was attempting to sing, leaned in to try to hear the music playing in the background, and I helped by humming out the tune. Next thing I know, she breaks into the dance and I went “zomg, not you too.” I think one of them saw us (nicknamed Ying and Yang because we don’t know their names), so they decided to turn up their music and constantly blast the same song over and over again, whilst attempting to dance to it. I’d rather watch OtaAgg dance than Yang tho. (;´д⊂) At least I can make faces at her and she’ll know the reason for it without me looking rude. XD

We then proceeded back to her campsite, where I stole the speakers before my sister returned to watch her dramas, then we blasted our J-music because we obviously have better taste in music than Ying and Yang. LOL. So OtaAgg and I had our “quiet” time, listening to music and such, while other people did their thing. I think we spent the whole afternoon listening to music in the shade under the tarps the dads erected in case of rain. I don’t remember. (≧д≦) Somewhere in between lunch and listening to music, I went with her sister to visit a friend who also happened to be at Emily with her family.

We had pot luck for dinner, and at night the stars were out. We managed to see the Big Dipper (I think the Little Dipper was lost behind the trees somewhere), and I retired early to bed while everyone else gathered around the wet bonfire. And yes, I did shower (with a record of 5 minutes) in case you were wondering. I just happened to go earlier when there was a long line up at around 8ish. The quick shower was only so my sister wouldn’t get eaten alive by the bugs. Sucks to be allergic to bug bites. (*´Д`*)ノ″

Day 2 (Sun Aug 2)
I woke up early at 7, and I couldn’t fall asleep, so I got up at 7:30 to go to the bathroom to avoid the waking crowd. Met Tracey along the way; actually, we share the same campsite, but she was going to take a shower and she had to walk around the huge mud pile whereas I cut through the outskirts of OtaAgg’s lot (her site was stationed right next to the trail leading to the bathroom lodge).

After that, I went back to the tent in attempt to try to get my sister up; only getting out when everyone else was waking up to cook breakfast. I walked over to see what the people lodged nextsite (haha, get it?) were having for breakfast (I avoided the cup noodles my rents were eating), only to see them pulling out pans and flour and water and such to make pancakes. Such a big commotion. (´∀`) I ate already, so I sat in the shade watching them batter and cook while listening to my moozak.

After this, the events are all jumbled up in my mind, but it consisted of boating, canoing, poker, fish, card games and music with OtaAgg. As I fail to remember the concurring events of the day (which is kinda sad because it was the only full day we spent at camp), I asked OtaAgg to type up a continued entry to what I have up. So, to read what we actually did (to an extent) in Peterborough, hear out her (fatigued) soul’s rhapsody here ♪. Her writings are actually more creative and entertaining than mine, so do browse around if you get the chance. (*^―^*)

Day 2.5/3 (Mon Aug 4)
Again, I woke up early at 7:30, with my sister beating me to the bathroom! I wanted to avoid breakfast again today, but I was forced to eat pancakes. After breakfast, we started cleaning up and packing up our campsites. I stole OtaAgg’s stick and started practicing my wushu with it, only to ultimately fail because I haven’t done it in two years, and I got GGed by the mud. (;゜▽゜) After roasting in the sun for about half an hour, I proceeded to find the cause of our delayed return to the city, only to see the parents gathered together trying to split and pay the tab, while the kids were gathered by OtaAgg’s car. I went to join the kids crowd, arriving at the car to have OtaAgg tell me her sister was C-妹, her cousin was Gay-仔, and she demanded to be called A-姐, and I was her underLing. (;´д`)
“Hai. Wakarimasu, Goshujin-sama.”
m(_ _)m

After the bill was finally paid, we all went to the lodge before setting out. On the way back, underLing somehow became yakuza A-姐’s Pokemon, because she suddenly started shouting, “Go, underLing!” and I turned around, only to be commanded to “Headbutt!” and “Tail whip!!”

Everyone planned to go to the zoo, but my rents wanted to go home early to unpack and wash, cos my sister has to work tomorrow and my dad has to carpool her. Thus, we said our goodbyes, and A-姐 relieved me of my duties for today. Meaning, she’s still somehow my Goshujin-sama and I have to rescue my useless master when she’s in dire need. (==’)

Although this year’s trip wasn’t as eventful, I still had a blast.
Arigatou, minasan. Tanoshii desu!

P.S. Off-topic, but I want to thank whoever searched “why would a blood transfusion be needed” on WordPress and landed on my STAT! post a few days ago. You totally made my day. LOL. Oh, and my Site Meter has officially hit 200 views. Thank you to those who came to visit my site, whether it be indulging in my stupidity and my awful ramblings, or just because you happened to come across it.



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