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July 31, 2008

Ikki DD, KimiAru

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Synopsis: Loosely based on the novel ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, modern day Japan sees a similar struggle for power between different rival schools with the three strongest being; Kyosho Academy led by Sousou Moutoku, Nanyo Academy by Sonsaku Hakufu and Ryuubi Gentoku from Seito High School. Together these three tousei, each with their own mangatama, fight for the honour of becoming ikki tousen and fulfilling their fated destiny through battle and conquest. -Source: ANN

Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny is the sequel to Ikkitousen if you haven’t noticed. The art was much better than the first season, which is a given, as normally art improves with each sequel. Then again, it was a different studio (ARMS) that did Ikki DD, rather than J.C. Staff, who did the first Ikki season.

IMO, I felt that Ikki DD was enough to end the season for the Ikki series. However, watching the first few episodes of the next season made my heart melt. The things Kan’u Unchou does just to get Ryuubi Gentoku’s attention and affection is too cute. It sorta reminds me of the ONA Candy Boy, where Kanade goes to great lengths to share an umbrella with her sister, only to be GGed. Hahahah.

I like how the second season ended, and I’m looking forward to the third. But unfortunately, the ecchi borderline boundary was overstepped…I’m not one for actual nudity when it comes to fan service. Actually, I’m not even one for fan service, it’s mainly for the seiyuu, art, and storyline that I’m willing to continue watching. (>_<)

I think this is the cutest scene ever.

Thumbnails of the last ep.

I’m withering away my summer by watching anime. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you put your mind to it…unfortunately, I don’t have the same willpower for school as I do anime. No matter how bored I get, I still manage to finish the series…I’ve perfected the art of procrastination in school. (*゜ω゜)

Synopsis: Due to family troubles, Ren Uesugi and his sister, Mihato, leave their home. They end up moving to the city but find themselves with a lack of money. Somehow they are able to find work in the form of the Kuonji family’s mansion, being employed as servants to the three sisters of the Kuonji family: Shinra, Miyu, and Yume. Being a servant also associates Ren with the mansion’s additional servants and the Kuonji sisters’ friends. -Source: ANN

I found Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de pretty fun to watch. Itou Shizuka did a good job at playing the older sister Shinra-sama, as if it were IRL, I can totally see her bossing around her harem like that. Not to forget all the groping she does. (´∀`)

I watched KimiAru all in one sitting two days ago, but my memory span doesn’t allow me to put it into words. I would recommend KimiAru for those who want to see the harem of Shizuzu. it just for the fun of it. I only picked up this series cos it had a dose of yuri in it, and I’ve been way too yuri deprived lately. Why is it that there’s three times as much yaoi out there than yuri? It’s so not fair. p(`へ´)q

Already, incest yuri in the second ep by Shinra-sama against poor Miyu-tan.

Poor Miyu-tan, the object of Shinra-sama’s sexual harassment.

I’ve also watched a few other series, but I don’t feel like making an update about it. Not going to school really does something to your brain…or is it idling around the house watching anime that makes your brain fry? But July has come to an end. August is a whole new month – which also means a month away until school starts again. It’ll be a big year for me, so I hope I can do well. Unlike Irie-kun from Itazura na Kiss, I don’t have the brain of a genius, and I’m actually more like Kotoko, where I really have to study my ass off to get where I want, despite my lack of motivation to do so.

Plans for this coming August:
1. G1 license exam tomorrow? (゜д゜;)
2. Long weekend camping with the crew up at Petersborough. I really hope that it doesn’t rain. I’ll be mighty sad and disappointed if it does. I should bring some thing to pass the time with…unfortunately, I have no manga or laptop I could bring. Onoz. (;´д⊂)
3. Bi-annual(?) STF gathering with my old buddies from wushu again. ヽ(´∀`)ノ Now that I think about it, time really does fly. It’s been 2 years since I stopped training and stepped foot into the club. First and foremost, I would like to extend my congratulations to those going to Beijing for the Olympics, and GOOD LUCK!! Don’t disappoint me! *Sigh* It was so my dream to be able to participate in the Olympics too. Unfortunately, my dream fell short by three years. _/ ̄|○ But whatever, I get to see old faces and get in touch with people again. (*^―^*)


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