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April 28, 2008

Maria-sama ga Miteru

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…now that it’s over, I don’t know what else to watch. :'(
It was such a good series. And Mamiko Noto was THE PERFECT seiyuu for Toudou Shimako.
It totally fits her, as a character AND as a real person!!! XD

Too bad it’s over. I would love to know what happens afterwards.
It wasn’t a really complete ending. OH WAIT, THERE’S A SEASON 4.
HAHA! More Marimite love en bouton, Toudou Shimako.

Arigatou, OtaAgg-oneesan for the picture. ^^
Mind you, I only put this one up because it was your unedited, nasty Tsutako-green colour photo of them. XD

I demand to be taught how to take screen shots so I can put up a jaw-dropping, nose-bleeding picture of Shimako. *drools*


April 16, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

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…was such a great movie.
The kungfu was sick (even tho a lot was special effects), there’s still some authentic fights going on in there.
I think Yifei gained a few pounds to play the role of Golden Sparrow…but she looked hot nonetheless at the end as the Chinatown Girl.

The old legends Jet Li and Jackie Chan finally, after 10 years, put together a scene for their audience. I’m surprised everyone’s English was decently understandable. Yifei is so adorable.

Hey look, a non-anime/seiyuu related entry!

April 14, 2008

Seiyuu Animal Counterpart

Note: All picture and link credits go to j1m0ne’s blog. Mini profile pics go to hashihime’s blog.
This entry is not entitled to be offensive to anyone. If you are sensitive about your idols, please read with caution.

So OtaAgg and I were talking about how this month’s ep of Mnemosyne sucked…I didn’t watch it yet, so there wasn’t much to say, cept that [spoilers] Tanaka Rie came back and died again [/end spoilers]. Then she came to the conclusion that it was probably cuz she needed cash so the staff let her voice another ep. Since AN is coming, I thought that maybe she needed to buy another animal yakuza outfit to cosplay in.

Thus, spawned our needed conversation of dressing up our seiyuu with their animalia counterpart.


April 9, 2008

Blood Transfusions Needed, STAT!

So soul’s rhapsody and I were talking about bishoujos…I think it’s cuz we were talking about going back to watch old yuri anime (2003-2005)…thanks to Candy Boy. More Kanade-sama! *drools* TOO SHORT, TOO SHORT!! I hope Froth-Bite releases the next episodes soon…


April 3, 2008

Seiyuu List

I’ve probably mentioned my faviourite seiyuus numerous times, but just to add some more to make my top 10.


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